Fruit fly in the local area and what it means in the garden centre

Many customers will be aware that a second outbreak of Mediterranean Fruit Fly was declared at Highgate in early April 2016.  The State Government is required to establish 'suspension areas' for all fruit fly host produce (this includes citrus, chilies and capsicums) in home gardens and in garden centres.  

The new suspension zone includes a 1.5km radius Outbreak Area from which produce must not leave under any circumstances (unless it has been treated and certified).  At the store this means we are still able to sell you citrus trees, but that we must remove any fruit from the tree before the tree leaves the store.  It also means that if you live in this outbreak area you will need to consume the fruit on your property and are not able to give it away or sell it.  At this stage it is estimated these conditions will apply in the Highgate suspension area until mid December 2016, although this may be extended if deemed necessary.  

State Government Department, PIRSA, determine treatment and suspension zones, and further information about fruit fly may be found on their website:

While it can seen to be a nuisance, we think that maintaining strong bio-security controls is vital to protect our horticultural industry.