Gifts for Gardeners

Gardeners are amongst the happiest, most easy going individuals you might meet.  I often think it is because of their connection to the natural environment.  However, if you have a dedicated or indeed, addicted gardener in your midst, then gift giving can be fraught with difficulty  ... these are the gardeners who seem to have every item a gardener might need.    Fear not, if you have a gardener in your family, and you just don't know what to buy for them come Christmas, Birthdays and other special occasions, here is a small list of ideas we hope you will find helpful.


PLANTS:  Plants are always a popular gift item for gardeners.  During the summer months consider:

  • potted hydrangea
  • fruit trees
  • roses
  • poinsettia
  • clipped buxus
  • standard ficus and lilly pilly
  • Indoor plants


TOOLS:  in the hardware game the saying goes that a tradesman is only as good as his tools, and in the garden game it is the same!  Well manufactured, quality tools  are those that will see you through years of hard work.   Don't get me wrong, these are not the tools you can use day in day out without care, nor are they the type of tool you will use for a week and disgard.   They are the tools that will require maintenance, sharpening, and servicing; but they are also the tools that will be passed on to your children and grand children.

  • Stihl power tools are a fabulous go too tool for the hard working gardener.  In the power tool world of gardening Stihl is the name you can trust, and they offer exceptional after sales service.  You will find blowers, whipper snippers, chain saws and all the necessary bits and bobs that go with them in this range .... read safety gear!
  • Felco and Fiskars both manufacture high quality secateurs.  In the world of secateurs you get what you pay for.  Cheap secateurs are great to give to the kids if they are offering to help in the garden .... if their care of the snips is not great you won't get too het-up.  But for the keen gardener you can't go past a set of quality secateurs.  Both Fiskars and Felco offer a wonderful product for the home gardener.   For the older gardener, or the unwell gardener who lacks energy in the hand, then you may wish to consider the Fiskars Powergear Pruner.


THE PRODUCTIVE GARDENER:  for the gardener keen to produce their own food and flowers for the home you might like to consider some of the following items.

  • Worms, worms, worms .... not the type which can infest your belly, but the fabulous wriggly, type that help to improve your soil and plant production.  A worm farm or a box of worms is a fabulous living gift for the gardener who isn't in the least bit queasy.  
  • A compost bin.  Compost bins come in all shapes and sizes.  The tumbling variety and the Aerobin are easy to manage and allow good airflow through your composting ingredients.
  • Seeds, potted colour and fruit trees ..... the gift of a living plant, especially one which is productive by way of fruit or flowers, is a fabulous gift.  If you are purchasing fruit trees be aware of the requirement for cross pollination if necessary.
  • Gold Leaf Tough Touch Gloves available in ladies and mens sizes.  These are the gloves for the serious gardener.   They offer exceptional protection against thorns and are useful not only for rose pruning, but also for the gardener who has a compromised immune system and wishes to garden without risk of receiving scratches to the hand, and to the elderly gardener whose skin is becoming thin and is easily torn.  Manufactured from quality deer leather, these are the gloves that will last you a decade or more.  


THE SMALL GARDENER:  .... not in stature, but in garden size.  With the advent of hammerhead blocks, subdivision and apartment living, many gardens in close vicinity to the store are now small.  For the person with a small garden you might like to consider:

  • Self watering pots:  perfect for a balcony or small courtyard these pots now come in a range of styles from the very basic through to beautifully designed pots with great aesthetics.  If your gardener looks out to the pot from indoors, then consider spending a little more and purchasing a pot which is going to look pleasing to the eye.
  • wall art and mirrors:  perfect for adding a dash of colour and fun, and giving your gardener the illusion that their space is larger then it actually is.
  • Hanging pots and planters
  • balcony planters ... these have a small handle which loops over the fence
  • Plants .... in regard to plants for small spaces, think dwarf cultivars such as Dwarf Mandevilla, Dwarf Bougainvillea, or colourful pot specimens such as Calibrachoa, osteospermum or pig face


FOR CHILDREN:  .... Children with an interest in nature and in gardening are easy to buy for.  Consider:

  • tools, watering cans and gloves for little hands
  • succulents and cacti .... perfect for the beginner gardener
  • colourful pots
  • seed starter kits
  • bee hotels
  • whirly windmills .... made in Melbourne from UV stabilised plastics, these little windmills add a dash of colour and fun to a children's garden


FOR THE ENTERTAINER: ... think stylish, understated and functional.  Lots of options here.  you might want to consider:

  • Weber BBQs
  • Outdoor furniture including cushions and outdoor rugs
  • lanterns, candles and citronella spikes to keep pesky mosquitoes at bay
  • pool chemicals
  • garden art and sculptures
  • outdoor lighting
  • drinks containers


MADE IN AUSTRALIA:  .... I love nothing more then giving a gift which has been hand crafted locally or manufactured in Australia.  Here you will generally find high quality items manufactured with care and consideration for our environmental conditions.  At B&B we are pleased to offer a diverse range of Australian made, and hand crafted items.  These include:

  • Bird feeders hand made in Adelaide and finished with a beautifully thatched roof to offer shade and protection to small birds and parrots
  • Bird baths and herb pots hand made in Adelaide
  • Glass sun catchers hand crafted in Adelaide by a local glass artist
  • Rusty garden art and sculptures by the fabulous and well loved local sculptor Rod Manning
  • Wind Chimes hand made and tuned in the Queensland hinterland


FOR THE ORGANIC GARDENER:  B&B offers a range of certified organic products.  Amongst other things look out for the Eco Organic Garden range.  Organic items include:

  • Eco Oil
  • Eco Hydrate (soil wetter)
  • Eco Fungicide
  • predatory sticky traps
  • copper snail tapes and traps
  • tea towels and aprons made from organic textiles and with a distinct garden theme


GIFT CARDS:  If you can't possibly think what to get, then a gift card from Barrow and Bench might do just the trick.  Our cashiers can help you with your gift card purchase.


We hope this list helps you.   If you are feeling overwhelmed by the gardener gift giving experience talk to our garden staff.  They will be happy to find the perfect present for the gardener in your family.